why  listening to my course – introduction to natural healing and surgical nutrition – it’s so critical for your health?


In this lecture I want to tell you why it`s so important for you to listen to my online course – “Introduction to natural healing and surgical nutrition”. I`ll acquaint you with a wonderful healing approach that can change your personal and family’s health forever. You will see how simple and easy it is to get rid of chronic medications and illnesses. My course will free you from unnecessary suffering and save you hundreds of thousands of euros on useless, harmful disease treatments.

But first let me introduce myself. I am Dr. Eran Eshkhar, certified in public health and medical sciences from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jerusalem and Hadassah Hospital and as a naturology doctor from the Israeli College of Natural Healing and Berandein University in the U.S.A.  I also have specialized in natural hygiene system by the American Health Association professional materials.

Now, If you or one of your relatives has any health problem, such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, blood vessel blockages, high blood lipids, fatty liver, migraines, skin problems, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal digestive diseases,  fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome,  a forthcoming surgery or even overweight problem, this course that I`m offering – an introduction to natural healing and surgical nutrition – is the best course for you to eliminate your health problems for ever.

One of my main purposes of this course is to give you an understanding and belief that your health is not dependent on your doctors, neither on their medications nor on their great surgical expertise.

In this course I will teach you how your health depends only on you and what you do, on your choices and on your simple daily activities.

The course will give you practical tools to start improving your health immediately. You`ll get a simple formula that you can apply and you will see your physical improvements almost immediately.

What you`ll hear in this course may save you, your family and children from suffering, disabilities, huge financial loss and unnecessary loss of life, if of course you`ll implement what I suggest you.

To be clear, your doctors do not understand health and didn`t study health in the Faculty of Medicine, where I also studied. Therefore, do not expect your family doctor or specialist doctor to give you the information you will receive in this course. The doctors themselves are sick and take medication so how can they guide patients to be healthy? They have been coming to me for 23 years to treat their illnesses.

Doctors declare that diseases are chronic and incurable and that the symptoms of diseases must be treated only through toxic, dangerous drugs. They believe the causes of diseases are unknown. They believe that you must learn to live with your illnesses and continue suffering without complaining. They know that they have no real solution to offer you to get rid of your illnesses, but still they will argue that the best alternative is life-long medications.
Do you believe that?
I’m sure that after you hear my course you will never believe it again.
This is a distorted and erroneous perception and it leads you to despair, suffering, disability, loss of income and unnecessary loss of life.

At the same time, it`s a concept that serves the pharmaceutical industry, but not your health. More than that, it makes you controlled by the medical elite, which tell you that your health depends on them and on their sophisticated drugs and operations.
Let me tell you that it’s a very big lie.

I say this as a person who has healed himself through the naturology approach at the age of 26, after 17 years of an illness and medications, and as a person who has studied in a conventional medicine faculty and who as a naturologist has successfully treated thousands of patients in the last 23 years.

The Naturology approach will teach you how to improve your health, get well from diseases and get rid of all your medications forever. It can help you live the full potential of your life and realize all your aspirations in life with good health. You will feel full of energy, vitality and joy of life. You will learn how to provide the best nutrition for your body so that it will function with full strength and vim.

I must emphasize that this is not a temporary diet designed to cure only a specific disease, but rather the nutrition that is best adapted to our human genetics and body needs and is therefore part of a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits. I’m not talking about a fad or harmful diets aimed to weight loss, but about a comprehensive health plan that takes into account all the body’s needs like: excellent nutrition, right drinking, enough sleep and rest, proper physical activity, cellular fluids and body cleansing, avoiding poisonous materials, giving peace of mind etc.

This program is suitable for anyone in any health condition. It is also suitable for those who have tried countless times to lose weight and failed. In this course they will understand why they have failed and how they can end their suffering and realize their dream of achieving optimal weight, optimal fitness and health.

I am 59 years old and I run about 5 kilometers every day, exercise with weights, practice karate, play basketball, play tennis and am energized until late in the evening. I need very little sleep and start each new day still full of energy. I’ve not visited a medical doctor for any reason for 33 years and doctors come to me for treating their health problems.

Am I unique or special? I don’t think so!

You can all reach this state. But it will happen only if you stop thinking like sick, tired, and desperate people and take full responsibility for your own health and really believe in natural and self-healing. Do not let the medical system put you in the trap of its mistaken beliefs and financial interests.

Actually you don`t need a doctor to heal you. Moreover, I believe there is no medical doctor who can really heal you. Medical doctors don’t intend to heal a sick person but to suppress his symptoms. That`s not the same.
So what you really need is scientifically proven knowledge about the healing powers of your body and how you can use them for your benefit. Natural healing is always self-healing. Hence, to get well you must be your own doctor and take full responsibility over your health. You must learn the health laws and principles.

Beyond the great knowledge that the course will provide you, it will give you tremendous motivation to start changing your health and nutrition habits. In most cases patients feel very soon the immense changes that take place in their body.

Register now for a course that will dramatically change your health and your life quality. Spend a negligible amount, compared to the results you will receive, for 10 -12 lectures that will give you the knowledge about health and illness, natural healing and natural nutrition and will set you in the path to achieving excellent health. It`s a small investment that may save you an income loss of hundreds of thousands of euros throughout your life for disease damages. I’m talking about a minimal investment that will put you on the health path for life.

Now please pay attention to this:
the original cost of the course is 380 euros. But now, the first 5,000 people who sign up for this course from all over the world will receive a discount of 34%, meaning they will pay only 250 euros and then the course will return to its original cost of 380 euros.

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I wish you success in promoting your health

See you in my course

Dr. Eran Eshkhar N.D, M.P.H
(Naturalist doctor, Master of Public Health and medical sciences (from faculty of medicine Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel).