Presentation of my treatment method:


I am Dr. Eran Eshkhar, I live in Cyprus and provide health consultation for the full recovery from health problems without drugs and medications, according to the Naturology approach, to people all over the world.
I’m not talking about treating of symptoms and living with the diseases and drugs for whole your life but about a profound and clinically proven method and system you can use to be healed from illnesses like: diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, blockage in blood vessels, skin problems, respiratory diseases, autoimmune diseases,
gastrointestinal digestive diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, avoid many kinds of surgeries and even successfully overcome your overweight forever.   

But before I’m going to explain to you how all these miracles going to happen in your life, I would like to say that I wrote this article because the issues I’m going to present  here are very important to you;  so, I think that you should read them from me personally and not from marketing or sales people.

In this  article you will get information about the nature of my treatment approach, which treatment methods I use and how you can integrate into my health programs.

If you have any questions after you hear this audio, the clinic manager or other staff members will gladly answer them for you. If their answers do not satisfy you and you still have personal questions, you can arrange a short personal conversation with me. If you need a long conversation it’s considered as a consultation session and an expert opinion and has to be paid.

I just want to emphasize that you should not stop listening to this audio in the middle.   My staff and I can’t repeat these explanations again with everyone in private.  So please listen to it carefully until the end.

But first a few words about me. I am certified in public health and medical sciences from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jerusalem and Hadassah Hospital, as a naturology doctor from the Israeli College of Natural Healing and Berandein University in the U.S.A. and I have also specialized in using the professional materials of the natural hygiene system of the American Health Association at Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.

 So I`m a naturologist. The word naturologist is derived from the word naturology, which is nature`s science. Naturology deals with natural healing, without drugs, potions, plants and surgeries, which relies exclusively on the healing powers of the body itself.

I started my medical career 31 years ago not in natural medicine, but in conventional medicine, where I qualified as Master of Public Health and Medical Sciences. After that I turned to natural medicine studies in various institutions and after four years of study in which I found most of so called natural methods superficial and even useless I returned to Naturology. My doctoral research was done on the impact of naturology healing on patients with high blood pressure.

In the past 23 years I have been involved in guiding and following up patients with all types of diseases until full recovery. This included the reduction of all medications and even the prevention of many kinds of invasive treatments like bypass surgeries and catheterizations.
You might ask the question – why did you move from conventional medicine to natural medicine

So, there are at least 3 reasons for this move:

  1. First of all, my parents died taking 20 different medications that did nothing to help them and even deteriorated them even faster to their death. Since then I realized that toxins called drugs do not make any real contribution to health.
  2. Secondly, I cured myself with naturology at the age of 26 after 17 years of a chronic gastrointestinal disease and ingesting many drugs. At the age of 26, the doctors at Hadassah hospital told me, “You have no choice but to undergo a surgery.” I said thank you and good-bye, and since t`en for 33 years no doctor has seen me because of any health problem, even not the flu, except those doctors who come to me with their health problems.
  3. Thirdly, in the last 23 years I have had thousands of patients whose health state has only deteriorated according to their reports with the drugs they received. When they started my treatment, their health state improved from week to week, until finally most of them got rid of all their medications and their illnesses disappeared.

You perhaps now ask, how does this miracle, which you have never heard of, happen?
Naturology claims two important arguments
1. First – The human body is like a machine; a machine has operating rules and operating instructions and our biological machine also has operating rules. Therefore, I declare on the basis of my experience that if we accept nature`s laws and live in harmony with them, and not fight or resist them, then the chance that we will get any disease is low or even zero.

  1. My second argument is that our machine, the human body, also has a series of biological needs, such as: humans` natural nutrition, drinking, sleeping, resting, proper and enough physical activity, sunlight, cells and body fluids cleansing, avoiding poisonous materials, maintaining emotional and mental health etc.
    Here, too, I claim that if we meet the body’s needs accurately and optimally, the chances of becoming sick are slim. Hence if we develop any disease, for example: diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood lipids, blockage in blood vessels, migraine, autoimmune disease, arthritis, skin disease, cancer, overweight or just chronic fatigue, it means that at least some of the  machine’s needs were not properly provided.
    Then the solution is not to further poison the poisoned body with more toxic drugs, as immediately suggested by doctors, but to satisfy the needs of the body in an optimal manner. As soon as we do so, the body will begin to heal itself even of the most difficult illnesses. I have witnessed this thousands of times.

Notice that the infinite wisdom hidden in the human body, that reflects the wisdom of all of nature, can bring about a revolution that no surgery or medication can. It turns out that if we remove the obstacles from the way of our sophisticated machine, then we will allow the body to perform its healing easily and deeply. There is no a pill or surgery that can do that.

I must emphasize, I do not cure anyone. Diseases are cured by the healing powers of the body. However, these forces can only do their work if the raw materials are supplied to them properly and optimally. I just teach patients how to utilize all the ingredients and how to operate all the body needs in the most precise way.
I teach people to heal themselves, I teach people how to lose weight easily and permanently, and improve their true quality of life. In fact, I work to make each patient his own doctor.
Naturology does not believe in toxic drugs, hospitalizations, needless surgeries, and lifelong dependence on doctors. All these are necessary only in very extreme situations and only for a short time until the body`s health is restored by natural means.

I believe that healing can occur only when a person takes full responsibility for his health and learns how to be his own doctor.
With this attitude chronic diseases disappear, but not by drugs and surgeries. These are illusions that harm people severely sooner or later.

In my program you will understand exactly what nutritional and other conditions your body needs for it to be healed.  In fact, no matter what the disease is, once you became your own doctor, your health will change significantly; and there is a great chance of getting rid of all the drugs you take for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, blood vessel blockages, high blood lipids, fatty liver, migraines, skin problems, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal digestive diseases, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, avoid a forthcoming surgery or even overcome overweight problems and many other ailments.

So, my way of making you become your own doctors is this:

After signing the forms you will receive a link to a 10-hour course that I have recorded for you.
The title of my course is – “Introduction to Natural Healing and Surgical Nutrition”.
In the meantime, you will fill out a health questionnaire, organize the necessary blood tests and send them to me by e-mail or by WhatsApp.

In this course, I discuss 30 topics from new and different perspectives. In my experience, the course transforms your knowledge, beliefs, perceptions, understanding and attitude about many issues, including:

 – What is a disease and what is health?

– What are the body`s healing powers?

– What are the laws of health?

– What are your body`s needs?

– What is the best nutrition for the human body?

– What is the definition of a truly natural diet?

What is this surgical diet, the unique and exclusive work method, which I have developed and with which I have succeeded to cure thousands of people in the last 23 years?

 You can listen to my patients’ impressions of this course in my web site.
They say they came out of this course with enormous insights and a new worldview about their health. In addition, for the first time in their lives, they understand how interest industries have misled them throughout their lives and made them make many mistakes about their health that cost them dearly.

After listening to the course, we will have a personal phone conversation, in which I will review your questionnaire and your blood tests. In addition, I will present you with a health assessment, which is based on my professional naturological opinion, and outline an operation plan for you.

At the end of this process you will get two programs:

The first 45-page program will be devoted entirely to your nutrition program with detailed explanations about the different food groups, sprouting instructions and a few menus.

The second program includes about 40-50-pages that will address all the needs that are important to our health, apart from nutrition.

So far, the process lasts about 12 hours, including the time of the course and the time of preparation of the two nutrition and health plans that you will receive.
The cost of this process is 500 euros.

Please note that you can also request to listen to the course only and decide afterwards if you want to continue to a personal phone consultation and receive two nutrition and health programs. The cost of the 10 hour course only is 250 Euros.
At this point, those who would want to continue to the personal consultation will pay the rest of 250 euros to complete the full price of the personal consultation process and get the 2 programs.

Well, you can finish at this point, start the program on your own, and apply everything that is written in the two programs alone without any follow up.

There is no doubt that the implementation of the programs will have positive influences on your health and cause a significant change in your attitude towards your health.

  But unfortunately the best and most natural nutrition program you receive is still constant and unchanged; therefor its health improvement potential is limited. In this case I estimate its ability to improve your health state up to 30-40%; but you want a 100% improvement, don’t you?
So, that’s why I developed my – “surgical nutrition” approach, which is a variable diet and not a single regular diet. What actually changes in “surgical nutrition” are the proportions between carbohydrates, protein and fats in the diet. This makes the diet more surgical and effective in curing diseases.
So you can understand that in order to implement this approach, you have to be in the follow up program and closely monitored, because someone has to guide you in making the continuous changes in your diet.
The follow up program is the tool I have developed for implementing the “surgical nutrition”, my method of treating severe illnesses such as: diabetes, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, coronary artery disease, all kinds of blood vessel blockages, respiratory diseases, fibromyalgia, autoimmune diseases, migraines, weight loss, and more.

When the patient and I use the surgical nutrition method together, during the follow up period, his body will dig into itself, and actually perform billions of self-operations. The body will clean and open blood vessels, restore the functions of the pancreas and the heart, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, eliminate fibromyalgia and migraines, reduce blood lipids, reduce weight, increase energy levels, and make the use of all drugs (including insulin injections) unnecessary.

All of this happens by activating the surgical diet and changing the carbohydrate, lipid, and protein proportions countless times during the four months of follow-up.

If you are still asking – “but how does your surgical nutrition work?” I`ll add:
a surgical diet is a diet that selects certain food items with different percentages of carbohydrates, proteins and fats and offers them to the body in various proportions in a calculated and sophisticated way that allows the body, and actually forces it, to dig deep into itself and thus break down billions of old and sick cells and replace them with healthy new cells. In fact, the body gradually rehabilitates all the cells in its tissues and organs. This process can be called a real natural cure.

The follow up has many goals, but the main one is the implementation of surgical nutrition. During this process all organs of the body are renewed and in fact we become physiologically younger. My fellow naturologists and I have proven that this process can be called rejuvenation. If this sounds fantastic to you, please talk to the dozens of patients who have undergone this process with me and find out for yourself. You will receive a list of names and phone numbers you can call.

I emphasize again that without dozens of changes in nutrition throughout the entire follow up period, depending on the improvements in your measurements, depending on the rate of your weight loss, depending on your feeling and other parameters, you will be stuck at a 30% improvement level because you will not allow the body to do deep surgical work. So the reason to commit to the follow up program is to achieve a 100% result.

In the course you will learn about another tool that is even stronger than a surgical diet that can boost your health to levels you never dreamed of. The application of this tool is impossible without close supervision and the follow up program.

By the way, if you are asking about the nature of surgical foods, the healthiest food is found in every supermarket, and just beside it you can see the foods that cause all diseases. In this course you will learn to make a clear distinction between what foods cause illnesses and what foods can heal you.
The process you`ll undergo with me will help you to make nutritional choices from a state of mind of deep understanding, self-acceptance and consideration of your body needs and inner peace, rather than a struggle with impulses, temptations and addictions. You will learn to choose that change because you love yourself and want to provide your body with the best.

The follow up is done by phone or Skype calls about 3 to 5 times a week, according to health needs. The follow up is made by me and my staff. Calls are not limited in time.
The cost of the follow up for simple cases starts at € 400 per month, but can reach           € 1250 or more per month in complicated cases. The cost of the follow up will be determined after examining all medical records, forms and the questionnaire and after a long conversation with the patient.

The recommended follow-up period is at least 4 months, because healing from a disease is a serious process and cannot be expected to end within a month or two even if people see significant changes in a very short period of time.

In addition to the follow up program, we also offer a health program that includes a stay in our health resort in Cyprus or elsewhere in Europe for an unlimited period of time, if needed.
This accommodation program includes close supervision on the daily nutrition program and other health activities. The cost of a stay plan will be determined by each case individually according to several considerations.

This is the explanation of our services and treatments.

I just want to emphasize that I never promised anyone a 100% cure of all the damages unfortunately one caused to his body.  It’s not just me that your healing depends on. The limit of your healing ability depends on the accumulated damages you’ve caused to your body over the years. This is the most crucial barrier to overcome your health problems. But personally, I have thousands of testimonials from people who have recovered, like me, from a huge variety of health problems. You can see the testimonials in the videos on my website and talk by phone with a list of past patients.

So, if you ask – OK, what is the next step? How should I start?

So, after hearing this audio, you can enter the purchase page on our website and buy the course, or the full consulting meeting, or any other services you are interested in.
You can also consult with our customer service personnel about any question or request you have before you make your decision. You can make your purchase by yourself or use our service representative who will receive your credit card details and make the payment for you if you find it difficult to do so by yourself.

At the same time you are asked to send us your contact details and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
You can also email us before purchasing with your questions, or chat with our service personnel by mail, WhatsApp or Skype or any other communication channel.

Our phone numbers are:

In Cyprus: +357-99883352 

Or by WhatsApp call only by phone number: +972-54-5742631.

Now, If you have paid for a full meeting you will receive forms and a questionnaire to fill out and return to us by mail. In the forms you will also find the list of blood tests required for your health assessment.

Please sign the forms, which are sent to you, according to the instructions and return them scanned to the email from which you received them.

For more information you can go to our website or talk to our service personnel.  

I wish you good health and success in all your decisions and endeavors.


Dr. Eran Eshkhar N.D, M.P.H
(Naturalist doctor, Master of Public Health and medical sciences (from faculty of medicine
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel).


Address: Larnaca, Cyprus.
Phone number: +357-99883351
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