Osteoporosis: don`t give up. (לע)

Osteoporosis – a real rehabilitation by means of Naturology:

Osteoporosis disease hurts hundreds of millions in the western world. The medicine prefers to see the problem as a calcium deficiency case and focus on inorganic calcium supply by pills. This assumption has no basis. A research done on primitive tribes reveled that their calcium consumption was 1/7 compared to regular recommendation by western physicians and yet even one case of osteoporosis wasn’t found among them. Actually, the diet recommended by conventional dietitians is the main cause of the disease. This diet is rich in acidity minerals and leads the bones to lose calcium for the favor of the blood alkalization. This phenomena is backed by many clinical researches and my and all naturalist doctor clinical results. By significant diet changes you can switch the course of the disease and even increase the bones mass in 100% of patients. The disinclination and the lake of wisdom of medicine to admit the critical role of the unnatural nutrition in causation of the disease seems as malpractice. The Naturology health science presents scientific health and nutritional program to stop the bone`s mass decline in 100% of cases.
The process may last at least one year but finally turn you to a healthy person again without the fear of bone fractures and disability.
So don’t wait for doctors to save you from the horrible and scary disease because they can`t. join to my first 10 hours course and start healing yourself from the disease.