Treatment Program Options:

  1. A course of 14 video or audio recording or readable lessons.
  2. A comprehensive phone consultation.
  3. A face to face meeting.
  4. a follow up consultation program  (three weekly calls)
  5. A comprehensive personalized care package offered at our health resort in Cyprus.

Following is a more detailed description of the aforementioned activities. It is possible to register to one or more of the above.

Step 1: Introduction to Natural Healing and Surgical Nutrition – A course of 14 video or
audio recording or readable lessons

Fourteen time-limited links will be sent, one at a time, for the Introduction to Natural Healing and Surgical Nutrition video or odio course.

Throughout my 23 years of experience, I have seen this course dramatically transform people’s perspective of health and encourage them to adopt new habits which result in a significantly improved quality of life. The main aims of the course are:

  1. Introduce you to the self-healing principles of the philosophy of  Naturology.
  2. Increase your understanding of the natural needs of your body and recommend the best way to answer these needs.
  3. Inform you of all the nutritional misconceptions that the junk-food industry has planted in your mind throughout your life.
  4. Explain how you fell victim to large economic enterprises that use every means to make you as addicted as possible to their industrial junk.
  5. Teach you the 32 fundamental subjects which are crucial to the understanding of human health before you introduce any nutritional change in your life and become your own doctor.
    And much more…

Watch my video explaining the benefits of the course.

Read more about the 32 subjects which will be discussed in the course. click here

When completing the course, you may feel enriched by its valuable content and may try to implement what you learned by yourself. Please bear in mind that no written material will be provided in Step 1. However, if you suffer from any health issue or any so-called chronic health problems, you might be interested in getting a comprehensive professional diagnosis and blood analysis, and perhaps even start a prolonged health program.  If so, the next step is for you.

Step 2: Comprehensive Consultation Process
Step 2 is available to those who have completed step 1.

You will be asked to fill in a health questionnaire, and to send it to us along with your blood test results.
A long phone consultation with Dr. Eshkhar will follow in which he will walk you through the documents you provided. This consultation is aimed at giving you a better and deeper understanding of your health from a Naturalist point of view. You will learn why doctors tend to ignore alarming blood test results, and do nothing useful for your health but make you oblivious to the dangerous state you are in. You will receive valuable information about any minor or major health issue you ever experienced and be given natural solutions to resolve it. Finally, you will receive 2 files:
1. A detailed nutritional program with specific diet recommendations (45 pages)

  1. A general overview of various health aspects and needs such as pure water, sufficient rest, physical cleansing of accumulated toxins, supportive affirmations, proper movement and exercise, stress management, the importance of fresh air etc.By following the guidelines given in these two programs sick people can not only regain their health but significantly improve it.


Step 3:  A 1-4 months follow-up Period

Unfortunately, there are those for whom the two programs will not be enough. People suffering from a chronic disease will indeed see improvement in their health but unless they follow the Surgical Nutrition program for a sufficient period of time their success will only be limited.
Years of clinical studies have taught me that even the optimal nutrition will not bring ultimate health.  The reason for that is no other than the ratio of the main nutrients in our diet: carbohydrates, fats and proteins. This realization led to the development of the Surgical Nutrition method. A steady change in the intake ratio of the nutrients mentioned above is vital when treating any kind of disease. It is the only way you can provide the body with the best conditions it needs to be able to “dig” into its tissues and replace billions of sick cells with healthy ones. This biological process is what I call “self-surgery”, conducted by the wisdom of the body itself. This method has led thousands of my patients to recover from the worse diseases and even get rid of their medications for good.
Yet, patients are seldom capable of making so many nutritional changes by themselves. These are gradual steps that should be taken based on a thorough professional consideration of numerous elements along the way. These include the daily patients’ measurements, symptoms, their mental and emotional state, their free time and more.
The treatment program has been designed to allow a closely monitored daily follow-up of patients’ progress. A shared on-line measurement file filled by the patient and 3-5 phone-consultations every week provide a complete picture of the healing process and a deeper understanding of further nutritional changes the patients must make in order to move to the next level.
The results of this method are nothing short of astonishing. Oftentimes even I cannot believe my eyes when I witness the miracles performed by the healing powers of the human body. It is a real, fascinating ongoing celebration. Though not always easy. And still, patients wholeheartedly report that the results are worth every effort they made throughout their healing journey.

During the follow-up program patients are advised to contact us by phone, text message, email or WhatsApp whenever an urgent question arises or when encountering any difficulty. We are always here and will answer your call as soon as we can.

The cost of the follow-up program may differ from one patient to another depending on the patient`s initial health status and will be determined only after considering all medical documents and the patient’s overall condition.

Step 4: Personalized healing retreat in our health resort in Cyprus.

Patients with special needs and specific health conditions are invited to our health resort to recuperate under close supervision. Here the patients’ prescribed diet will be carefully monitored and modified in accordance with their changing needs and health state. Patients will not be asked to determine the duration of their stay in advance. They will be free to continue or quit at any point.

Of all the options, the personalized healing retreat is no doubt the best one though not feasible for everyone.
Pictures, as we all know, speak louder than words. You are kindly invited to check our website at


  1. Dr. Eshkhar`s personal health consultation is based on a personal questionnaire, blood tests results, any other relevant clinical examination.
  2. Dr. Eshkhar always takes into account the initial medical diagnosis but interprets the patient’s health findings from the naturalist perspective.
  3. The Eshkhar Center does not have its own laboratories. Patients should obtain their blood test results on their own and send them to us. We will, however, take care of patients who choose the personalized retreat option and are in need of additional blood tests.
  4. For fees and registration please visit our website’s registration page.

For more information please contact us at: +359-99883352  or – +972-54-5742631

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How can you benefit from the Eshkhar Center’s Health Program?

  1. Attain Real and long-lasting cure from chronic disease without any herbs, pills, potions, supplements and Drugs.
  2. Eliminate all symptoms and risks of side effects. Avoid the severe,
    likely complications of chronic diseases such as heart and
    cardiovascular disease, blindness, kidney and liver failure, impotence and so on.
  3. Reach Normal and stable measurements without any medications.
  4. See amazing improvements in all health indices and markers: reduced body weight, lower blood sugar rate, a lower blood lipids profile, an enhanced energy level, an improved kidney and liver functions, better skin health and a high degree of liveliness.
  5. Engage in safe intensive sports activities.
  6. Experience a deep, steady and solid sense of well-being, health and happiness, or in other words: a substantially higher quality of life.
  7. Save the enormous amounts of money that would otherwise be spent on futile medical symptomatic care, alternative treatments, harmful food, unnecessary supplements etc.
  8. Enjoy a significantly higher sense of agency resulting from a deeper understanding of the fact that your health is in your own hands, and not at the mercy of luck, misguided medical advice, Drugs, genes or heredity.