The Eshkhar Center – General Goals:

  1. Help ill people heal themselves from all kinds of diseases by activating their innate physical healing powers.
  2. Help individuals avoid every kind of surgery by using Dr. Eshkhar’s method of Surgical Nutrition.
  3. Help individuals rehabilitate and recover from surgery, heart attack, CVA or any other extreme health condition which compromises their health.
  4. Offer online courses that teach people the principles of self-healing and Surgical Nutrition.
  5. Provide professional follow-up consultation by phonein accordance with the patient’s needs when recovering from a health issue until reaching optimal health.
  6. Help overweight people who struggle for years reduce their excess weight easily following the Surgical Nutrition method.  Harnessing the brain and mind is essential to weight loss which will not be achieved by merely changing one’s diet.  This program will help individuals keep their weight down for life and avoid the weight-gain rollercoaster.
  7. Expand people’s awareness of their own health: one of the beneficial “by-products” of following the Surgical Nutrition program is a cessation of smoking. Thousands of patients simply lose the desire to smoke, gain their life back, and enjoy a remarkably higher quality of life.