Diabetes – a real solution: (לע)

If you are diagnosed with high blood sugar or defined by your doctor as a diabetic or are already taking blood sugar control medications, then you have come to the right place.

I, Dr. Eran Eshkhar, an expert on “surgical nutrition”, a unique diet system that I have developed to cure chronic diseases, will teach you how to recover from the disease and throw the drugs into the garbage can. Even patients who already inject insulin will be able to recover from the disease or feel a great improvement with a large drop in fasting sugar and a huge drop in the amount of drugs.

I had never had a diabetic whose sugar levels did not improve impressively. But more important is the new sense of health and vitality that will accompany your recovery process. You will definitely lose weight, feel lighter, more energetic, and happier. Your sickness, aging, and deteriorating health will stop and disappear. You will feel really reborn.

I know that doctors have told you all these years – that there is no cure for diabetes, and all you have to do is take medicine for life. They also told you that if your blood sugar level is “balanced,” then that’s enough, but you see that the drugs do not always help. You are concerned that despite your medications, your blood sugar level is unstable and your doctor may pressure you to switch to insulin. You also suffer from the annoying side effects of diabetes and you are probably aware of the many dangers of the disease: Severe damage to the kidneys, damage to the blood vessels in the brain to the point of a stroke, blockage of blood vessels in the heart leading to angina and seizures, damage to small vessels in the retina to the point of blindness, damage to the peripheral nervous system, loss of sensation, impotence, dizziness, Gastrointestinal tract and urine problems, and the appearance of ulcers in the legs to the point of amputation.

I can tell you unequivocally that you can end all these righteous fears. You can eliminate all the dangers that accompany the disease if you change your diet to a natural diet. Thousands of diabetics have been cured for 23 years from diabetes on my diet system. Within a few months you can also enter the list of dignitaries who have cured themselves of the disease. My treatment method called “surgical nutrition” increases your chances of a real cure from the disease to more than 96% in the case of diabetes with pills and over 80% in the case of injecting insulin up to two years. In 100% of the cases there seems to be a huge improvement in blood sugar values and overall health state.


This will also happen to your blood sugar level through the “Surgical Nutrition” program –  a diabetes graph

Watch patients’ videos which have been cured from diabetes through my treatment. Within a few months you will also be on the recommendation list of Eshkhar Center for Natural Healing.


You can defeat the diabetes disease :(לע)

Have you been told that your disease is atavistic, chronic and incurable and you have to learn to live with it for the rest of your life?
The doctors told you that the best thing you can do is try to balance your blood sugar by medications and even insulin injections and then you will be safe?
Unfortunately they have deceived you.
You must know that diabetic medication and especially the insulin injections never treat the main causes of the disease and even encourage and support the aggravation of it?  What the drugs actually do is hiding the problem and its causes hence enable them continue destroy the inner organs: the blood vessels, the kidney, the neurological system and the heart. That is why the diabetic patients health state worsening with time despite the rising amount of medications.
Finally, even the high dosages of drugs can’t really control the high blood sugar levels.
A diabetic patient must know that the mortality rates due to health complications among the diabetics are very high.

But fortunately the solution is only in your hands and up to your decision. You can adopt a new health habits and healthier nutrition and stop your health deterioration. You can cure yourself by my revolutionary health method – the “surgical nutrition”. You need no doctors to do so. From the moment you will start practicing my nutrition in your daily life you will experience the wonder of your body`s healing forces lowering naturally your blood sugar, your weight and all other blood values and indices. Gradually you`ll see the medication need and amount decline until they will go altogether to the garbage can.
It doesn’t matter what age are you or how many years you have been suffering from the disease or how many daily drugs you take. In all cases you`ll see the same trend and results. From any starting point and health state you are expected to see great health improvements.

Yet you have much more to lose if you will not change your diet and stop denying the important role of the natural nutrition for your health.
I have thousands of live testimonies for the outstanding efficacy of my health system. I have proved that by my nutrition program more than 95% of my diabetic patient can be cured from their disease and live without any drugs.

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