Following the Eshkhar program will help you cure:

  1. Diabetes–Cure your type 2 diabetes with Dr. Eshkhar’s program of Surgical Nutrition. Read more.
  2. Hypertension – Eliminate your high blood pressure with Dr. Eshkhar’s program of Surgical Nutrition. Read more.
  3. Catheterization and bypass surgery– Avoid catheterization and bypass surgery with Dr. Eshkhar’s program of Surgical Nutrition… Read more.
  4. Digestive problems– Find the ultimate cure for digestive problems such as colitis, Crohn’s disease, peptic ulcer, and most autoimmune diseases. Read more.
  5. Chronic Fatigue SynDr.ome– eliminate the adverse symptoms of CFS. Read more.
  6. Migraine– Rid yourself of painful migraines for life! Read more.
  7. High blood lipids – Deal naturally with High levels of blood lipids. Significantly reduce your blood lipids and Eliminate the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart attack. Read more.
  8. Fibromyalgia– Find the perfect solution for this serious life-altering condition. Read more.
  9. Osteoporosis:  Make use of scientific facts and methods to show you how to increase bone density. Read more.
  10. CVA– Implement quick, scientific and clinically-proven nutritional recovery program to avoid the next fatal attack. Read more.
  11. Asthma:  Overcome this irritating disease within a remarkably short time. Read more.
  12. Skin problems: obstinate diseases that only “surgical nutrition” can overcome.

Do bear in mind that it is not the doctor but the self-healing powers of the individual that provide cure for the above-mentioned ailments and for a plethora of numerous others. Adopting natural nutrition, and especially the Surgical Nutrition method, will significantly help you reach your goal but will not be enough. We need more than just physical nutrition and we must pay close attention to all our needs.   

Curable diseases:

This is just a small sample of a much longer list of diseases which can be healed by following the Naturology approach and in particular the Surgical Nutrition program which I developed.

I always indicate that real healing can occur only by the body`s healing forces, not by someone outside of the body or something would be taken by the body, videlicet physicians, practitioners, Medications, natural herbs and remedies etc`. Natural healing is a biological process which can performed and executed only by a live body for himself not for other`s body.
So we can speak here about a guideline principle which we call – the disease unity principle, namely all diseases are caused by the same basic causes, that is to say by nature law violations, and all diseases are curable by the same actions, to wit supply body`s essential needs and keeping the natures health law.  It’s so simple but unfortunately so undesirable by sick people who seek for quick and fascinating remedies and magic drugs. Those people fall in the net of all kinds of medical and alternative charlatans.

The experience of all naturalist doctors and mine show that when the most obstacles we have put on the way of the body`s healing forces are removed full recovery can occur in most cases no matter what the nature of the disease is and how much severe it is. I saw it repeating thousands of times during last 33 years.  In all these cases the body`s wisdom was the cure maker not I.
so, if the body knows how to heal himself from 250 diseases does it able to cure more 500 diseases as the same?
what is important is the magnitude of the irreversible damage done to the organ not the name of the disease.
And yet, people would ask me – “tell me does your method work in my case”?

So please notice that Naturology is not my method but nature`s or creator`s method. Naturology doesn’t belong to anyone and doesn’t invent by someone. It is the total nature’s rules and health principles by them the human`s bodies work. So, why should one assume that the system and rules of nature don’t apply on your body and in your case if you are going to keep them?
You should understand that the body doesn’t cure or deal with a single health problem at a time but recovering every ill cell, tissue and organ in our body at the same time no matter how severe it is. The body never forgets to treat specific area, tissue or organ. It doesn’t discriminate any part of your body and all the impaired cells will be treated at once. This is the unity of all diseases and the unity of the cure of all diseases.
These facts are quite new for most of the people educated by the conventional medicine that every disease has its own cause and treatment hence it is needed a very different treatment. This idea leads to the notion that an ill person should search the best expert of his specific problem to give him the specific drug. Sick people desperately look for the best expert for their illness who can tell them a lot about their disease and make an impression of a real expert but hasn’t any idea about the real an ultimate recovery from the disease he is an expert for.
So please don’t expect me to an expert of all diseases like the illness` doctors.
I’m an expert in health not to diseases. My master degree from the faculty of medicine is on public health not public diseases. The basic rule is that – in place the health prevails there isn’t a place for disease to be grown.
The body is the great healer and expert to all diseases, I’m an expert to guide you how to give your body the optimal condition and needs and removing all obstacles out of your healing path.
The testimonials you can watch in my web site undoubtedly support my opinions and writing. All of them have recovered from more than a single health problem, which is prove that the necessity of expertise is a misleading idea in most of the cases.
We argue that in all cases the leading expert in the healing process should be the “health”, namely the naturalist doctor not the “diseases” doctors. All of my patients recovered from their illnesses by the same system, attitude and health principles and they got well by their own innate healing forces.

So please don’t repeat the question can I heal your specific health problem because you have received a long, detailed answer right here.

After all I say that a naturalist doctor should have some knowledge about the nature of the disease because in most cases specific and temporary nutritional adjustments are needed for each disease to accomplish full recovery. That is why I develop my “surgical nutrition” method.