C.V.A. – you can go on scientific, clinically proven rehabilitation and avoid the next attack. (לע)

Cerebral stroke (C.V.A) – prevention and rehabilitation by means of Naturology and surgical nutrition

The conventional treatment of strokes and the offered rehabilitation process after than is nothing else then malpractice and criminal neglect. More than 95% of the first strokes and a 100% of the second and third strokes could be avoided with my nutritional approach – the “surgical nutrition” which refers and aimed to the accurate causes of the strokes.
The stroke is an incident caused when the blood fellow to some brain nerves is interrupted or stopped and there is high risk of irreversible neurological damage and even death.
If the insufficiency of blood and oxygen is for a short time the neurological deprivations will be short in time too. If the supply of oxygen to the nerve cells will be renew fast there will be a chance that no brain nerves died and full rehabilitation is possible. But if the patient doesn’t try to replace the high concentrated fat diet, which is given in the rehabilitation diet by dietitians, to a low fat diet the strokes will repeat again. Repeatedly strokes are
definitely a big sing to a fatal stroke in the next weeks or even days. In the western world stroke is the common cause of neurological damage and disability and invalidity.

Strokes are caused by two main reasons: arteriosclerosis and high blood pressure and
the cause of these two are the high density saturated fat diet and refined carbohydrates.

I can state due to 23 years of my clinical practice and 210 years of all naturalist doctors around the world that natural diet and more natural tools have miraculous influence on the ability and pace of the rehabilitation process. These tools will also eliminate the risk to recurrent strokes.
The ignorance and disregard of the big medicine from the critical bad and good influences of nutrition in creation and recovery of the disease lead to millions of unnecessary deaths every year around the globe.
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