Asthma: why should you live with it if you can rid of it?

Asthma – “surgical nutrition” for full recovery from it. (לע)

In the western world the incidence of asthma disease goes up almost every year. We here from physicians that the disease is incurable thus the patients must use their inhalers and sprays to suppress the symptoms of the Asthma. The main symptoms of the disease are narrowing bronchial tubes and decreased oxygen absorption into the lungs and blood stream. That is why the asthmatic attacks and the stifling sense are accompanied with great anxiety. The patient receives poisonous spray to temporally widening his narrowing bronchial tubes till the next attack. As with many other diseases the drugs themselves, because of their poisonous, bring about the next attacks. As usual, the disregard of the medicine from the critical bad and good influences of nutrition in creation and recovery of the disease maintains the disease for life time. This disregard is severe omission and clear malpractice because it leaves the patients with their suffering and anxiety forever without any hope. In many case the harm to the respiration tubes caused by the drugs is so big that total cure is impossible.

The cause of the Asthma is known and is unnatural poisonous nutrition containing inorganic substances. I and all my colleagues here state that by means of natural pure nutrition and especially my surgical nutrition will cleanse the blood and body`s cells plasma and replace the injured cells by healthy ones. This process will lead to full recovery in most cases.
In my 23 years of experience I saw many asthmatic patients throwing away their inhalators after decades of use and released from the jail of the medicine and drugs for ever.
So don’t wait for doctors to save you from the horrible and scary disease because they can`t. join my first 10 hours course and start healing yourself from the disease.