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I am Dr. Eran Eshkhar, I live in Cyprus and provide health consultation for the full recovery from health problems without drugs and medications, according to the Naturology approach, to people all over the world. I am certified in public health and medical sciences from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Jerusalem and Hadassah Hospital, as a naturology doctor from the Israeli College of Natural Healing and Berandein University in the U.S.A. and I have also specialized in using the professional materials of the natural hygiene system of the American Health Association at Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.

We have established “Hunza Health Education Center” to enable people suffering from all kinds of diseases to get an ultimate and final cure from their annoying health problems. Over last 23 years Dr. Eran Eshkhar successfully helped thousands of sick people to heal themselves from even the worse diseases.

Dr. Eran Eshkhar have showed that when we respect our health needs and follow the health rules of the nature the healing power of the body will always lead the body to recover itself from any disease. Treating only the symptoms of the disease by toxic drug or surgeries is violent and heedless attitude and cause enormous harm to the body during the following years.

Dr. Eran Eshkhar present you here A unique, exclusive and ultimate cure programs for many health problems such as: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, avoiding heart surgeries, high blood lipids,  skin, digestive and autoimmune and many other diseases by implementing my inovetive thechnic which I he call – “the Surgical Nutrition”.

Get a fast impression of the wide range of problems that can be solved by Dr. Eran Eshkhar health system.