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We have established “Eshkhar Center for Natural Healing” to enable people suffering from all kinds of diseases to get an ultimate and final cure from their annoying health problems. Over last 23 years we successfully helped thousands of sick people to heal themselves from even the worse diseases.

We have showed that when we respect our health needs and follow the health rules of the nature the healing power of the body will always lead the body to recover itself from any disease. Treating only the symptoms of the disease by toxic drug or surgeries is violent and heedless attitude and cause enormous harm to the body during the following years.

I present here A unique, exclusive and ultimate cure programs for many health problems such as: type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, avoiding heart surgeries, high blood lipids,  skin, digestive and autoimmune and many other diseases by implementing my inovetive thechnic which I call – “the Surgical Nutrition”.

Get a fast impression of the wide range of problems that can be solved by my health system.

Health services

Cure your diabetes

If you are diagnosed with high blood sugar or defined by your doctor as a diabetic or are already taking blood sugar control medications, then you have come to the right place.

Blood Pressure

YOU`LL SOON FORGET IT! Here you will find medical, scientific, revolutionary and innovative information which will lead you to a certain possibility of recovering from hypertension

Avoid of catheterization

Avoid of catheterization and bypass surgery: Millions of unnecessary catheterizations and coronary bypass surgeries are held for patients in hospitals around the western world.

Colitis, Chron disease

A unique, exclusive and ultimate cure program For all kinds of digestive system diseases.

CFC – Chronic

CFC – Chronic fatigue syndrome:
you absolutely don’t have to live with it for the rest of your life.


Migraine: a very painful problem which you can rid of in a very short time. Don’t continue suffering!

High blood lipids

High blood lipids:
Eliminate it and avoid heart attacks.


A very big problem. A very smart, ultimate cure and perfect solution.


this is not the time to give up.

Skeen problems

you can solve your disease by my method – “the surgical nutrition”.

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you can go on scientific, clinically proven rehabilitation and avoid the next attack.

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Get in touсh

Recovery Stories:

Daniel Chalili

I thank God every day for sending me a good emissary named Dr. Eran. I’ve got to you because of blood pressure and thought I was healthy and my diet was right. After a lecture of yours I realized that I was wrong. During your treatment and close accompaniment for 5 months my life has changed. I never dreamed that I would lose more than 20 kg (I am now 60 kg) and that my stomach can be flat. Another thing that happened to me, I do physical activity every day regularly because I have a lot of strength and desire for it, which was not once, even when I was younger. I feel blessed. And most importantly – my blood pressure dropped and long ago entered into the normal range and it is now like a young man’s blood pressure, 90/60, as Dr. Eshkahr promised.  More problems that I`ve had disappeared: I had over decades ” skin problems ” “dry eyes” “dandruff in the head” “I was irritable”, occasionally I had hot flashes that was expressed by my face was red. Thank God, all these phenomena have completely disappeared!! I’m full of energy and enjoy eating. It’s a small part that I feel and remember and know that it’s only 6 months from the beginning of the process. I once again thank God and Dr. Eshkhar for doing holy work that saves people and causes people to live a good and healthy quality of life. Thank you Thank you Thank you…

Daniel Chalili: 972-52-8251999

Daniel Chalili
Iris Shankman


My name is Iris Shankman. I came to Dr. Eshkhar with high blood pressure and other health problems. “Dr. Eshkhar first realized that my blood pressure, which stood at 140/90, was very high and not” a little high, “as the doctors told me. Although my blood pressure was not as high as they said they recommended me to take drugs to lower my blood pressure regularly. About the effect of natural diet on my blood pressure or any of the problems I suffered from none of the doctors at all spoke to me. I learned from Dr. Eshkhar that normal blood pressure in healthy people is 90/60. He showed me that it was his blood pressure for decades, and I realized that I was far from it. I and my husband started immediately implementing Dr. Eshkhar’s program. I soon began to see the weight go down, the energy rises and the blood pressure drops steadily. Skin problems, digestive problems and other small and large problems began to show signs of improvement and gradually disappeared completely as I persisted in the process. Eventually, my blood pressure went completely out of danger and I stopped taking high blood pressure medication. After several months my blood pressure was 110/70 and I still continue a healthy lifestyle according to the principles I learned from Dr. Eshkhar. I must point out that my husband and I have discovered a wonderful new world of flavors and foods and menus that have been marginal in my life. We are so happy with our menu and enjoy it that there is nothing to compare to what we ate before and only caused us suffering. I can give advice here and say, we don’t have to fear from change, but this fear is not real and unfounded, because naturally we want to stay with what is familiar to us and we are afraid of the new and the unknown. In our case, I discovered that the more open we were to accept the new and try it the greater the celebration, so we discovered that there is an entire world we did not know and our joy and enjoyment of this world are very large.

I recommend it to everyone, Also be healthy through Naturology And enjoy life and get a much higher quality of life than most people experience from a certain age.

Iris Shankman: 972-50-2322056

Dr. Eran Eshkhar thanks!!!

Iris Shankman
Ruth Sara

Dr. Eshkhar

I really thank God for sending me a true messenger which has changed my entire life for the better and full of blessing.  You are, of course, the good emissary who, in the light of your complete understanding of true health, manages to heal people. My Blood pressure is excellent. The ambition of course is to stabilize it on 90/60. Today is normal 110/67 without any medication, of course, and I bless God and you every day.

I want to remind you that before I came to you I have followed the diet system called Plaio for a few months and that has increased my blood pressure to 180 with insane leaps and imbalances and because of that I have been recommended to take medication. You took me out of all the confusion I was in and followed. I`ve hurt my health on the basis of opinions and general publications on the Internet which no one has any responsibility for. You made me an order in my knowledge, thinking, beliefs and awareness and taught me thoroughly during a 4-month escort, which is through the Creator and Health, as you call it, and how you observe the laws of creation.

And, wonder of wonders, all my problems have disappeared and I am full of energy and vitality from morning to evening and all the excess weight and fat in the blood have disappeared. What needs more than that? Thank you very much for your learning and treatment with great blessings and appreciation and I also refer people to you.

And anyone who wants a warm recommendation is invited to contact me at  – 972-544-926028

Ruth Sara

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